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Posted by on Aug 25, 2015 in Tech News | 0 comments

Messenger added back to the Facebook App!

Messenger added back to the Facebook App!

For those of you that were not happy when Facebook pulled messenger from the main Facebook app, your ranting and stomping has paid off!

I am one of those many that refused to install the messenger app and decided to just ignore messages than give in to installing it.

The Messenger app is not going away anytime soon, but this will help ease the anger that has been building up over the year.

The terms for the new Messenger app are a totally unacceptable invasion of privacy, and the fact you are forcing them on users is outrageous. Allow users the choice of continuing to use the old messaging feature.

This was from a petition that has raised close to half a million  signers, check it out if you are still fuming.




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